Favourite Episode Villains

I’d like to know, what would you say is your favourite villain from an Episode story?


MC’s mother from Runnig from Reality. :rofl: She is so bad and close minded it hurts :no_mouth:

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By bad do you mean she does bad right or a different type of bad?

Different tipe of bad, I guess.
Read the story to find out, it’s really good :grin:

Queen Mara from The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W. That woman was a true menace, lmao. She would go to any lengths to get what she wanted.

I hated her so much, but at the same time admired her for how smart she was about the things she did.


Kaylee from ‘The Gamer Girl’ by Wincy W. That story was SO good. The MCs, MC and Adam were my faves and honestly Kaylee worked her way into my heart bc she was so mean, but so nice in the end and I honestly was like I wish I could date her irl. I made my MC shy and so was Adam and I just died every time they interacted bc they were so awkward, but so cute. And I loved the video game mini games they were so much fun and the art was so PERFECT. I wish I had those skills to edit and stuff😭

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Hard to pick favourites but the villians from The Long Faces (by Paris Aroha) creep me out on a deep level.