Favourite Food?


Mine is Pizza. I love the taste .
What’d your fave food & why?


Fettuccine alfredo!

I love the taste of it. Also, I love cheese, so, yeah. XD :cheese:






CHOCOLATE!! :heart:

-Virtual high five @JemU776!! :wink:


Can’t get enough of these bad boys :drooling_face:


Exactly, we are SO crazy for chocolate, it’s the best thing in the world to consume! ::sunglasses::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:
-Virtual High five right back at ya @WinterMoon05 ; ) :raised_hand::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


It so is!! Best thing ever! :cool:

Definition of chocoholic: ME! :joy:


I believe you meant definition of chocoholic: @JemU776 :smirk:
Just kidding lol :joy:
We are all chocoholics :wink:
And we will convert people who hate chocolate into chocoholics :innocent:
Hashtag this is chocolate season, chocolate year, chocolate life and chocolate for eternity.:heart:


We stand united to convert the chocolate haters!! :joy::chocolate_bar:

#chocolate year


Chocolate everything is amazing.
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate candies in general!


Red bean steamed buns and sushiimage


Looks absolutely amazing!


Creme brulee
Key lime pie
Lemon or lime based desserts
Salted caramel steamed lava cake
Cereal, especially chocolate cereal
Cinnamon based desserts
Tortilla wraps with colourful/spicy/saucy fillings
Fruity iced tea and bubble tea
Pizza, with my favourite toppings - Sweetcorn, mushrooms, jalapeños and pepperoni
Sweet and sticky ribs
Smokey bacon
Raw, smoked salmon
Soda/fizzy drinks
Lime Margarita and other cocktails
Pasta with homemade sauce and melted cheese on top
French yoghurt


I love me some ice cream. Especially anything mint related. I had a whole pint of ice cream on my birthday a few years back :drooling_face::icecream:


Subway: Footlong Spicy Italian with American cheese, toasted + olives, pickles, marinara sauce, Subway Vinagrete/ vinegar + oil… Add some mustard, and finish with salt and pepper…

and Taco salad!


I’m actually eating that right now, no joke XD
#minticecreamisthebesticecream :yum:


Yessss you :clap: know :clap: what’s :clap: up :clap: #mintisthebesteveryoneknowsit


literally anything you can get in chipotle