Favourite song?


Hi guys !
Good morning or good evening to everyone
Today’s topic is about your favourite song
Personally I have 2 currently :stuck_out_tongue:
Being Becky g fan ehem I love
Sin pijama and mad love
And you ?


Afternoon :upside_down_face:
I was recently singing this songs

  • chotese bahin bahu udyala mothele Hou
    It’s brother sister song in ma language :grin:


My 2 favs:
BFMV-Hand of Blood and Get Scared-Sarcasm

I have way too many more and they change like every other week :smirk:


I love ‘Love story’ by Taylor swift.


I love that song :joy::joy:


Yay! I got a song twin after all. Have you listened to any of these?

Bad blood
You belong with me
White horse
Just the way you are
Teardrop on my guitar


Fuck it
I found my second twin
I know them all :joy::joy::joy:


Yay! God lol. Like no one knows all these. Guess I found my twin then!


Yep :joy::joy:
Favourite story
Chain reaction


Same LMAO.


I declare you my twin :joy::joy:


Dirty mind ? Badaas
Me yeah :joy::joy:


What are your hobbies?




Dancing I’m an intermediate dancer singing riding horse doing arts and taking photos


Arts? Check. Dancing? Check. Oof are you a formatted version of Me?


Heyyy shippp
Nice seeing you again :slight_smile:




I don’t know
I don’t really have one right now
My favourite songs can change in 1 hour
I like a song a day later I hate it


Love your PFP!