Faye's edit shop πŸ¦‹ (closed to catch up πŸ’—)

Hey! Can you make me an edit like that butterfly edit of yours? Minus the part where she is holding the flower. I want her hand idle and her eyes sad.

Character Info:

Eyes: Female Generic (Deep Blue)
Nose: Round Button
Skin: Rose 2
Face Shape: Diamond
Mouth: Small Heart (Rose Gloss)
Body: Female Athletic Body (Rose 2)
Brow: Round Thin High


Thank you for req

Ur req has been accepted

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Thank you :black_heart:

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Character details/outfit

Pose & Background you can decide, i prefer something bright and happy!

Thank you!! :blush:

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You req has been accepted :heartpulse:

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Tysm <3

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One more slot open!!!

Hey can I request if thats ok?

character details

Female Generic Body-Copper 02
Arched Thin-Deep Brown
Messy Sock Bun-Deep Brown
Female Generic-Brown Black
Heart Soft
Round Button Upturned
Full Round Pouty-Pink Warm Gloss

Number of characters: 1

Outfit (optional)


Pose: You can choose, but I can choose one if you want me to.

background/theme/ colour scheme, maybe a darker color scheme, but still a fun theme

No text

Any additional information I need to know No

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Req accepted

Slots closed tysm req

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Thank you, can’t wait! :blush:

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I need a cover for my story… But I have make one but it was rejected by episode I want you to edit it…

character details- mention in the picture
Number of characters - 2
Outfit - any thing looks similar to imageπŸ–Ό
Pose- mention in the image
background/theme/ colour scheme- blurry
Any text- Not Again
Any additional information I need to know- I want it with some glitter at background…
Hope you understand… Thank for help :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Faye’s shop might be closed (as seen in the title)


Thank you for telling :kissing_closed_eyes::heartpulse:


req declined

my req are closed and sorry

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