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It’s been brought to my attention that people have asked other artists to make covers that look like mine and to try and copy the text styles that I use.

I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE do not. As a graphic designer and artist I’ve developed my own personal style and techniques by working with Photoshop for 4+ years. I’ve put countless amounts of hours into developing my style and getting to a point where I was comfortable in my own abilities.

For the love of GOD please respect the artist and their abilities!

Thank you :heart:

Hey everyone! My name is Amber H.

I’m fairly new to the community here but I love editing and graphic design so I thought I’d lend my services to anyone in need!

:mantelpiece_clock: Turn-around Time :mantelpiece_clock:

  • My turn-around time from the time of request is generally 1-5 days. May vary depending on difficulty.
  • Throughout the process, I will update you if it takes longer than 5 days.

:copyright: Crediting :copyright:

  • On all covers I will put “cover by amberh.episode (ig)”. Do NOT removed or you will get a soft ban from requesting again.
  • On splashes and banners I do not by anything. Simple credit given by a message will be fine!

:stop_sign: Wait-List :stop_sign:

  • If the shop is closed, I will have a wait-list going on. To get on the wait-list please refer to the form in the “wait-list” section.
  • Once the shop reopens, I will respond to people on the wait-list first before letting others request.
  • If those on the wait-list do not respond within 1 week, their spot will be gone.

:money_with_wings: Requesting :money_with_wings:

  • In one request, a person can only request one thing. (EX: A cover, splash or banner).
  • If requesting a cover, you can request 3 (one for each size).

I can do splashes, covers and banners!
Here are some examples I currently have! :slight_smile:

Examples Slideshow

Here’s some rules for y’all (I hate having rules but it just makes things easier for me :sweat_smile:)


1) When providing characters, please provide them in the pose you’d like them in on the splash/cover/banner.
2) I’m doing this in my free time because I love design so please be aware it might take more than a day to complete your request.
3) There will be a watermark (my username) on every cover. Splashes and banners will not have a watermark but credit by a simple message will be fine!
4) If you do not follow the form and post anything else I will reply with a message saying “Please fill out form” and will not process your request until you fill out the form.
5) The password is Iliakos. Please blur it out in the form so others can’t see it!
6) Please do not request on other threads as well as mine. This is a big waste of my time. If I find that you violated this rule, your request will be taken off my list immediately.

Please refer to my google form to request something!
Request Form (Google Forms)

Currently Working On

@LiaLopez [large cover, 2 splashes][working on]
@KatieBays [cover][not started]
@Victoria.Author [cover]
@angel_writes [3 covers][not started]
@fantasia.epi (ig) [splash][not started]

Request a slot on my wait-list using the google form below!
Wait-list Form (Google Forms)

Waiting List

@RockWonder [cover][special request]
@roseepisode [cover][not started]
@Benzie.stories [cover][special wait-list]
@NunBun.Savi [cover]
@HollyFaith [cover]

On a separate note, I look forward to meeting all of y’all~ :blush:
My IG is amberh.episode if y’all would like to follow me there!


Hi Amber!

Thank you so much for creating this thread! Your art work look’s amazing!
I can’t make a stick man look good :joy:

I would love if you could make me a cover for my story! Cuz you know, I need all the help I can get LOL

Story Title: Who’s That Girl?
Author Name: Rin Uchiha
Characters (If wanted in cover):

Background (General Idea): I am not picky, whatever you think looks good! Let your creative mind explore! Cuz I sure as hell don’t have one lol
Extra Effects?: Not that I can think of! Cuz I’m lame lol

Thank you so much, Amber. & of course, no rush if you can’t get to it right away! :heart:

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Hi! Congrats you’re my first request :smiley:

I’ll get started on this one in the morning (it’s late and I’m tired haha)

Just some quick questions,

1) Are those the poses you’d like for the cover?
2) What is the story about (generally, feel free to pm me if it’s confidential!)

These will just give me a better idea about the background mood and feel overall~

Thanks again and nice to meet you! :rainbow:
P.S. Thanks so much for the compliments <3 <3

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Nice to meet you too, Amber!

I’m just going to PM you with everything just so the entire world doesn’t have to read our conversation :joy:

& of course, start whenever! It’s late where I am too and I should really go to bed LOL

Sounds good to me :wink:

Hey Amber, I saw your work and its MINDBLOWING!
I would really appreciate a cover for my story, details are below. (Cover type general btw)

Hey, I would appreciate a cover for my new story “Layers”, take your time in doing the cover but I would appreciate it if it’s done before February 2019 (I would like the cover to be realistic)

The details are below:
I would like the cover to have my main character, Jake in the cover and I would like the name of the story to be on the cover too. (“Layers” is the name)



Pose: flirt_wink_forward

Body: Light
Eyebrow: Medium Sharp
Hair: Short Cropped Hair (black)
Eyes: Gentle Almond (white)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven (Terracotta)

Ripped Punk Pants, Lady Rose Tatto (Cade), Black Hipster High Top Sneakers, Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey White and Hipster Glasses (Black).

Author’s name is “Hanin” ( me )


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Update 1/4/19

  • New examples were added, see below (at end of update message)
  • Rules were added, please be sure to read them!

Both pieces of work are for @rin.uchiha and her story :slight_smile:

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How do you add a splash to a story?

Hi Amber can you create a cover for my story Inseperable



Pose: flirt_wink_forward

Body: Taupe
Eyebrow: Seductive Arch
Hair: Beach Wave (fawn)
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Green)
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft natural
Lips: Full Round (mocha)

Yellow Breezy Top
Bleached Denim Jeans
Yellow Pastel Platform Boots
Gold Pendant Necklace

Pose: flirt_wink_forward

Body: Honey
Eyebrow: Thin Arch
Hair: Man Bun (black)
Eyes: Deepset Piercing(white)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven (Terracotta)

Ripped Punk Pants
Lady Rose Tatto (Cade)
Navy Sleeveless Tee
Violet Utility Boot

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Can I get a spash that says,"This story deals with supernatural beings. Therefore only partial customization is available.


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Hi can i get covers?

Story Title: Mafia Family I: The beginning
Author Name: Leen
Cover Type (General, small, large): Small and large
Background (General Idea): The story is about a mafia so make it bad ass.

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Requesting for a Banner. :wink:

Background (General Idea): Hm…anything fantasy related

Any Effects? (Sparkles, ETC): Gothic Style, Red N Black, hm…Shadow. :thinking:

Banner Text: Lana’s Free Fantasy/Other Background Sharing Thread

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Love your art.
Story Title: The Bar on 23rd
Author Name: Dr.Smile
Cover Type (General, small, large): Small
Characters (If wanted in cover):

*Background (General Idea):
The city or the street at night.
Extra Effects?:
Surprise me, I trust your vision

Update 1/4/19

  • :rotating_light: Closed until all current requests are finished. If you’d like to be notified when I open again please PM me with the title being “Notify me when open” and I’ll be sure to put you on my ping list!
  • When I reopen, I will first take requests from those on the ping list then will move on.
  • Another update like this will be posted when I reopen.

Thank y’all so so much for all your compliments and requests! It really makes my heart happy :sparkles:

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Update 1/7/19

  • :rotating_light: Fay’s Art Shop is back open!
  • PLEASE read the rules! It’s really hard for me to process your request if I have to keep asking for information that’s included in the form!

Thanks and stay sparkly! :star2:

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image image

Hey can you help me with my cover and the splashes, details are as it follows:
(he’s actually taller than her lol)
Story Title: My Lover My Brother
Author Name: Catherine V
Cover Type: general
**Background (General Idea): I’m not sure about the poses but the story is about a girl who’s a top assassin, her mission is to kill the son of a billionaire business man, but she ends up falling in love with him but then she finds out he’s actually her brother. But is it the truth?
I also added a background in case you need it, but you are free to use whatever you want! :smile:

**Extra Effects: I don’t know… but is drama-love story, so something mysterious and romantic
Another person is currently creating my cover but I’d like to have an additional option.

Background (General Idea):
**Any Effects? whatever can make it mysterious haha
**Message: The story uses sounds and it uses strong language
**Any Icons? Social media: episode.cathv

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Story Title: Just A Little Love
**Author Name:**Ty Monette
Cover Type (General, small, large): small cover
Characters (If wanted in cover):

Background (General Idea): city back ground
Extra Effects?:

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Are you still taking requests? If so, can I request a cover and 2 splashes?

Yes :slight_smile:

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I just read that it is open, so here are the details:
Password: lliakos
Story Title: Hold Me Tight
Author: Mercedes.stories
Cover type: Small


Extra details: I want the 3rd character in the middle and she faces right and the second character stands behind her and she has her arm around her shoulder with a rose in her hand and a kiss on her cheek and the first character stands right and faces left and his arm is around her waist and they are close like how a couple would hold each other in real life, I want it to look like that.
Password: lliakos
Splash 1
Background: creepy and mysterious I guess
Any effects: If you want to put any, you can.
Message: Please be advised that this story contains inappropriate language, violence, and mature themes.
Any icons: Warning
Splash 2
Background: Cheerful and happiness like pink
Any effects: I guess sparkles or something else whatever looks best!
Message: Follow Me On (Instagram logo) @mercedes.epistories
Any Icons: Instagram logo
Do you do edits?

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