Fbi / mafia story help

i think i have an idea of what i would want to do ! the mc is an fbi agent who is the top of list of being the best agent but she likes to stay humble and not beg about her achievements . so her boss gave her a new case as she would be going undercover into the mafia to catch the big boss who would be the love interest . i have a few ideas of like plots and sub plots so ion wanna give any on here lol . i need more ideas and plot ideas .


I really like your idea, it sounds pretty cool. I don’t currently have any ideas that I’m not writing. :blob_hearts:


it’s okay ! and thank yu babes ! :pleading_face: if yu get any ideas let me kno it would be very much appreciated

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Hi, your idea sounds nice. Before you write anything about mafia/fbi procedures, always remember to do some research first. I’d also like to suggest you to consider other criminal organisations apart from the mafia, as it has become a big cliché. If you do decide to write about mafia, please please research what it really is and not what movies make it out to be.

I’d say avoid stereotypes and keep in mind it is strictly forbidden for an undercover agent to be in a relationship with a criminal they are trying to catch, as it would be a fireable offence and the case could be annulled.

Also, no “new entry” in a criminal organisation immediately meets the big boss. Make her work up the chain first.

Anyway, I think you can write a really nice story.

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