Fears in the community


Oxford Dictionaries define fear as:

an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

We all have fears.


We have all felt fear.

Fear that we are about to get hurt. Fear that we are going to be destroyed. Fear that something bad will get worse.

Rational Fear

A rational fear is a fear of something that presents clear and present danger, to borrow legal terminology.

something we have a reason for fearing.

I need to say sorry. I caused a lot of problems… I know that. I also know that most of you aren’t going to forgive me and… you don’t have to… I wouldn’t if I were you if I’m being honest.

This is a community I love. And I’m sure you love it too. If… if I ruined that for anyone, I’m sorry.

Right Now, I’m going to get over my fear…

I fear someone… their names are not to be identified but it is in fact 2 people I fear…

I’m getting over my fear by saying all this… afraid of what they might say… of how they might react. We all have felt the fear that the people we love are talking about us behind our backs and if I’m being honest… I think that’s why I’m scared of you… you never knew how it felt. For you to leave…

I don’t know if someone is going to report this… but if you do, I hope you remember my words…

XOXO- Amani :kiss:


ik, thx madi

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Fear is a terrible emotion which I personally hate & feel all the time! :persevere:

But, you shouldn’t fear people like this & you definitely haven’t ruined this community. You’ve made it brighter & happier, for me at least. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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:relaxed: thx win

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You’re welcome. I’m always here for you. :relaxed:

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Can I share some of my fears? I don’t want people to judge. :see_no_evil:

yes you can

and we wont judge

  • I’m scared of death. Not for myself, but of other people I love dying.

  • I’m scared of losing people, like losing friends.

  • I’m scared of trusting people. If you trust people, they could easily betray you. It’s happened before so why wouldn’t other people do it too? So I don’t trust people easily. And if you lose my trust it’s over.

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me too, win. No one is gonna judge you for that. It’s normal.

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Thanks. It shouldn’t be normal though. People shouldn’t fear to trust people.

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Awww I’m sorry you have this kind of fear.
Hope you’ll get better :heart:

High five for the second oneee


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