FEATURE: 3 styles stories

So, I know there’s that glitch that allows you ti use 3 styles at the same time and there are already bunch of stories that include those, but since it’s actually a glitch, not everybody can use it, I can’t use it…

So Episode, it would be really cool if you’ll make that an actual clear and easy to use feature that everybody can use without problems.

Show your support in here if you support this idea!


That would be awesome. In my opinion, classic characters make amazing child characters for Ink. I also love that black & gold Demi Lovato dress. I almost always wore it. I used the glitch and limelight female was stunning in that dress. I hope they will do crossovers in the future. So, I support!


I have a tutorial on how to use it, I will post a link in a post on here.

Finally did it, Got dang.

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. I love the idea! Support!

That would be awesome!
The glitch really doesnt work for me so this would be amazing!

I’ve been using it for years, I love it and have had no issues except you that you can’t create characters from your script! And ive gained some privileges like having the option to view classuc in the previewer BC of the orher styles needs, cool, right? Episode didnt have to fix ittl by letting new users stories have the ability to automatically give the limelight style to the stories that they created (if they did) it depends @ChrissyA @Ryan @Trinady @Jeremy my


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Except it’s a glitch and not everybody can use it, you can use it, good for you but a lot of accounts can’t, so don’t just say it’s so easy and helpful, this is a feature suggestion, because not everybody can use it, actually most people can’t use it, it’s not like mean girls/ demi lovato that works for everyone, it only works for several people and most people, including me, just can’t, okay?

(And I know how to do that for god’s sake, but it’s a glitch and I can’t actually use it so as many other people)

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I made this so that episode would let everyone be able to use it, I am well aware that not everyone is able to use this glitch.


Late bump and support!

bump :woman_facepalming:t2:

It isn’t worth the struggle to be honest. Yeah, some might do this, but is it really worth the time of Episode to do this thing that will be used by 5% of the writers. I’d rather let them focus on more important things.

That is awesome I’ve just tried it and it actually works

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