FEATURE: 5 replays per year

There are some stories I really enjoy and want to read more than 5 times. However, I also understand that authors might reread their stories too much to manipulate views.

But what if it was 5/year?

Or, every year adds another replay?

Or another replay gets added to a story of your choice when you read a certain number of chapters total (you’d have to read a lot of other stories too, and Episode would benefit from having people stay on the app longer?)

I think it would solve the issue, and it’d make me really happy to be able to read more times!

(But please, please, please, PLEASE don’t make us pay for replays! That would be really disappointing tbh :frowning: )


Support :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Support! :relaxed:


also how many replays do we get?


normally we have 5 available plays of a story total so 4 replays


Huge support!!!

Support! We need more rereads!

Support! I’ve literally reread a story 3 times already and I’m trying to space it out. What’s the maximum amount of re-reads? I read this story twice on another devices and once on my current phone. :sob:

Edit: scrolled through the replies here and got my answer :))

Or just remove it all together