FEATURE: 8 Passes Per 4 Hours Instead Of 4 Passes Per 4 Hours



Sooo, I don’t know if this has a post yet…

We all know that we get 4 passes per 4 hours if we read 40 chapters. If we do the math that means 1 pass every hour. But, we really gonna wait 4 hours for 4 passes? Nope.

I say we should get 8 passes per 4 hour. So basically, 2 passes per hour and your passes will stack. Which means that you’ll get your 2 passes every hour until it becomes four hours. Like energy in the Kim Kardashian game. To unlock it you will have to read an additional 40 chapters. And it will count even if you have unlimited passes. :slight_smile:


I do like this ideas as I feel as though I am not getting enough tickets. If I get one ticket per hour and I spend about 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the chapter reading a chapter I feel as though it isn’t worth it. If you get 2 per hour you spend 20 or depending on the size of the chapter minutes reading 2 chapters which is much more reasonable.


tru it was even worse when it was 2 passes per 4 hours


I know I was like dying! :smile:






This would be awesome :wink:








bump. episode please we need this. haha






yes , we need to get more passes easily