FEATURE: a block button on the forum


It would really come in handy to be able to block people

How to block a user? (Please help!)

Hi. You can mute users. I don’t know whether this helps you or not.

P.S. Ignore the awful blocking out, just don’t want to embarrass the person I have muted. :woman_shrugging:t3:

~ Winter xx


But this way tbey can still see your messages right? I figured thats what the blue blocking out was for lol. I had no idea i could mute though, where can i find that?


I think they can, not sure. I don’t know if anyone has muted me lol.

In preferences, if you scroll to the bottom you add the users name you want to mute.


Ty for explaining that🤗 i do hope we wil get a block button one day though


No problem. :wink:



I’ve seen some people behave nicely on the most popular posts but then do a complete Jekyll and Hyde and become the most rude person ever. They have the block button on social media and wattpad for god’s sake. Why not on here?


support i just wanna block some ppl sometimes