FEATURE: A Completely Separate Section For Art Groups




I think the majority of us can agree this would benefit us immensely.
A completely separate section of the forums specifically for Art Groups.

  1. It would make it easier for those in need of the services from groups to find the help as they could easily be found in their own section.
  2. Their drama wouldn’t be flooding the other sections leading a lot of us struggling to see the threads we actually want to see, not a written soap opera.
  3. Because, I am absolutely begging you.

If the title is written wrong or I’ve placed this is the wrong place then please forgive me but PLEASE do something about the groups ruining it for everyone else!!! :roll_eyes:





We’re all coming from that drama post, support.


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE is in one but she says “I COMPLETELY AGREE

And so do I!! And I’m the President of an art group…


Support :+1:
Things like this honestly make me feel like I’m in a completely different community. I really hate it. This isn’t the Episode community I love.

Save the drama for yo mama




-intensely smashes that support button


Made another suggestion… I will literally think of as many as I need too so I don’t have to see children fighting every time I come on here :roll_eyes:


Thread got closed due to large amount of flagged posts, never felt happier :crazy_face:


Lol truee



I kinda enjoyed it

I’m crazy


Says it’s only temporary though :sweat:


Actually, I think they should be banned :angel:
But this suggestion would probably keep more people happy hahaha so I support.


I agree but I’m trying to compromise :joy:




Support x 1000.
Also, it’s good to see other forum users have been annoyed by these groups’ behavior. I’ve tried to act completely oblivious to it, but it’s almost impossible to ignore. I never acted on my frustration because it almost made me feel embarrassed that I read it, like in the same way you feel ashamed when you’re flipping through TV channels and you accidentally land on a trashy reality show and you pray no one walks into the room and catches you watching it…
Okay odd analogy but the point is, I’m glad other non-art-group-users are aware of/fed up with this content.


Hello @PerplexedJam! This is Sydney the Moderator.

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Support!! I feel like there’s always groups arguing in Art Resources… it basically takes up a lot of the section. They should get their own so people who just want to look at art threads don’t have to read their pages of drama.


Exactly! Not gonna lie, at first it was entertaining but now it’s everyday with their childish nonsense :roll_eyes: Some of us like to look at and share art, not see why one group has offended the other by saying hi.