FEATURE: A Completely Separate Section For Art Groups





Then they can keep all their drama and apology threads in that section too.


Those stupid apology threads :woman_facepalming: Why is it impossible to send them in a private message instead of a weekly feature for the same immature bickering?


Not in an art group, but I’m done with all the drama.


BUMP! Need this now!


There’s only so many threads I can mute a day before it gets ridiculous :persevere:


Its like trying to mute a circus :woman_facepalming:


Support! Everyone’s out here mentioning Drama and I’m just like from what group lol.

I had trouble with two groups in the last few weeks so wondering If this drama is the same as the one you guys are talking about.

Anyway, I totally support :slight_smile:


I won’t mention the name of the group but it seems to be the same group or at the very least the same members creating the drama :woman_facepalming: I saw yet, another thread yesterday and flagged it. Just another pointless attention seeking drama thread.


I feel your pain lol. I’m all for a bit of tea spilling but out of sight of other people. It looks so unprofessional when it’s all over the request thread.


Major support! I get a headache from all of this drama, and I’ve been in some art groups before! It’s just annoying and it’s always the same people. I also agree on that banning should happen, it’s gone too far. Even their pms get out of hand.