FEATURE: A Larger Text Area For Writing Fanmail

I couldn’t find a similar suggestion, so I’m creating this new topic. Please merge it with the existing one if you find it.

Right now, we only have one line to write our fanmail/questions into (at least, it is like that on my devices). It’s impossible to check what you’ve written or correct typos. I suggest that the app use a larger text area, similar to the user bio in profiles or something like that.


Your request should be titled like this otherwise they will close it
FEATURE: A Larger Text Area For Writing Fanmail

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Ty for helping her and i support

Will they close it because of lower case letters?

Unfortunately yes

I did what you suggested, but in all honesty (nothing personal here), I think this is utterly ridiculous. I’ve never heard anything like that before. Thanks for bumping the topic though.

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This is what they say
Please make sure to review the feature request guidelines and make any required changes to your topic so it doesn’t get closed or deleted. Thanks

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Yeah, I didn’t know that either so when I named mine, it didn’t have FEATURE in the title, luckily someone helped me out and wrote:

This helped

And check out this thread if you haven’t already:

According to it,

Anyway, support : )

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