FEATURE: A New System of Reporting Stories

(@Jeremy and @Sydney - my apologies if this is in the wrong section)

I appreciate how busy Episode staff is and how much effort is put into the app, however, I still feel as a user I can voice my opinion.

Here’s a potential system I have:

  • User touches the report button and gets redirected to the pocket gems site.

  • The user will enter their email address and will be sent a number code.

  • The code will be received by the user and they must enter this code into the site in order to verify themselves then will be directed to a reporting section,

  • When redirected to the pocket gems site, there are options you can report the story:
    - Does the story violate the guidelines of the story? If so, please explain why.

  • The user should be directed to the guidelines and read the information of the guidelines to really ponder if they should report a story.

  • The user will be provided options on why they wish the story should be reported and when the reason is provided there is a text box in which you can attach a *video clip as proof as well as concrete proof & provide a minimum of 100 words on why they wish to report this story.

  • For further verification, there will be a system (like choosing which pictures are not shop buildings, etc. - so these will be proving you are not a spam bot).

  • Then, the reporting will be processed.

  • When the story has been reported, the author should be given a fair probation period (the blurred line is how long is fair? This can be consulted later, I suppose but writers have their own lives so 3 to 4 weeks is what I consider within the fair margin) in which the author will be able to adjust their story accordingly in order for it to be compliant with the said guidelines.

  • If the author wishes to query or appeal and be given the time to provide proof that their story may not violate the guidelines - this appeal/query should be reviewed too.

  • Authors should be given this opportunity as well as a probation period so they can make their story appropriate as it must be respected that authors have worked very hard on their stories.

  • A user is only allowed to report once on a story or stories to avoid serial reporters (who report for the hell of it) but if for any reason, there seems to be a dire circumstance they must contact pocket gems if they wish to report another story.

I appreciate this reporting process is extremely laborious but that is the intention. I think this is one potential method to separate genuine complaints from ones made from spite.

If you wish to further suggest any more things or discuss any issues and tag your friends - feel free to do so.

Thank you.

*there are apps where you can record gameplay available on most phone platforms.




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Found it.


Yeah, that all seems perfectly reasonable. The writers should be given the benefit of the doubt that they read and understood guidelines themselves.

Honestly, if an artist has a limitation on a platform they’re using, I feel like they’d all be anxious to know the guidelines inside and out. That directly affects what kind of art they want to portray.

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I skipped half the forum, BUT I don’t think Episode will be able to see this, but I hope they do and take this to consideration.


Yeah, I hope so - I’d like to think the authors’ work will be valued and everything will be done by the team to ensure the story will be protected.

I think you should change the category of this post and put it here:


Another thing. Screenshots can’t proof nothing!

In one chapter it is allowed to use word “fuck” 5 times, but not connected to sex of course.

But if someone screenshots only one proof, that’s nothing.

In my opinion better proof is video!


This is a suggestion for potentially changing the way stories can be reported or at least, a very clear explanation on how stories get reported?

In some instances, you find that some users may report a story out of trivial reasons varying from poor grammar, lack of sound or merely disliking the story rather than a valid reason such as genuinely violating the Episode Guidelines.

In order to separate the genuine reports from the ones who report out of malice, I wish to provide a gentle suggestion on a potential system.


Fantastic suggestion, I’ll get that changed

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I’m planning to make an organization group, to help out the Episode guidelines, problems, etc.


Thanks Cora, I have added a video clip should be added instead and I feel like 13 year olds can handle the word fuck a bit so I do not see why that would be a basis to report a story but violently slurps ice latte

I have a feeling some stories that face reporting by some users are done when one dislikes the story. Let’s be real, if a story was fairly explicit but one enjoyed it, it’s unlikely the story would be reported.


That is a really productive way to help the community, thank you.

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Thanks Cam,

feel free to tag some people you feel may benefit from this.

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I am going to tag people so they can support.
Well everyone can benefit from this really


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I support this :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:

These are great ideas @Days :wink:

Now we just need to wait days until this system to report stories is implemented in-hopefully it is ^^

Fingers crossed :revolving_hearts:


Thanks very much,

I could say these days we need to do what we can to ensure the work of our community is protected and looked after :wink: :heart:


LOTS of support. I’m so over this report system, when Episode can’t even tell why the story is banned.

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I don’t know how we could possibly not tag @ZADDY or @Maria.StoryWritter

Sheesh…this seems all nonsensical to me.

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Thank you for your support, and you know - I think reporting a story is a serious thing. So, it must be taken seriously and the user who does report the story must appreciate the true gravity of their actions.

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Thank you for tagging them :heart:

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