FEATURE: A Set Amount of Search Keywords

A story’s search keywords/tags can play an important role when searching for and having specific stories discovered if used correctly and accurately. However, some words are longer than others, leaving less or no space for other crucial tags that fit with our story, since this field is limited by the maximum amount of entered characters (120), which includes commas and spaces, rather than an amount of entered keywords.

Depending on the words we enter, we can either end up with less than 12 tags or more than 20 tags (this is just an example). Pretty messy, right? Hence, why can’t we be limited to a set amount of separate keywords we use in total, rather than the amount of characters we enter?

Again, the max. amount of 20 tags is an example of this feature.

If you support this idea, make sure you leave a :heart: on this post and comment your thoughts below. Much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


support !

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I can’t express how much sense it makes. Total support



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