FEATURE: A shelf for US


As a community, we don’t really get recognised.
We have so many talented people here whose stories deserve endless reads!
I suggested this here

What we want is a chance to be discovered. aren’t you sick of people complaining about the featured shelf? this way, nobody can complain, because we are the ones who chose the stories.

my idea is this: make a contest for community authors to make the best story they can make, make all genre’s available. once you have read through them all, pick AT LEAST 3 stories from each category that you think people would like. then, give us all time to read the stories, and vote for our favourites. make each category’s top voted appear on a shelf for smaller authors to get their chance. we deserve a chance.

Stories we're sick and tired of seeing in the trending and featured section
I feel like small authors are not noticeable

I love this idea! I feel like it would really help some authors to continue writing :heartbeat:


thank you for the support


comeonnnn community! show support!!!




thank you boo :cupid:


I LOVE THIS IDEAAA!!! I really want my stories to be discovered but it just can’t be with the amount of featured stories coming in!


i know how you feel, chica! thanks for the support! hopefully Episode will consider this!


I feel you, boo.


Support!!! 100x Support!






I totally agree.


I support!






thank you boo