FEATURE: A Way to make texting look more realistic

So, I want a way to make texting more realistic in this game. Usually all I do is put a phone background and narrator with another characters name in it but it doesn’t look as good.


Hello @queen_roses, could you explain more about what type of feature you’re looking for here? :smiley: The details given are a little vague. :wink:

Hello! There is a really neat (free!) website where you can make fake text messages.

Just download the images and upload them like you would any other background!


They will have to take off the icon, otherwise their background will get rejected

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It’s as clear as I can get person. Let me show you instead…
Do you understand now??
I want it to look more realistic like actual text

What icon? The Ifaketextmessage.com? If so you could remove that. If you’re talking about the network you can change that to anything as well.

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Okie dokie