FEATURE: A way to prevent spoilers in fanmail


Hi! So, I’m sure some of you have gotten fanmail that may contain spoilers, and I was thinking there should be a way to prevent (or at least warn about) the spoilers.

Would it be possible to get the option to mark a fanmail as “Contains spoilers” or something when answering?

Or, what if we could get the option to hide the fanmail until the reader has read a certain episode? So it would be like “Visible after: -choose episode-”


That actually sounds like a good idea, since I generally have to skip the fanmail section due to spoilers sometimes. It kinda stinks because I like reading the author’s responses to all the things that they are sent. I support this.


Support!! :clap:t3:




I actually had fanmail just a few days ago from some who just started the story and decided to read through the fanmail to know what would happen in the story… so now they don’t need to read it.


I do that lol. Especially with mystery stories. Except I keep reading just so I can see if I can spot the clues myself now that I know what to look for.

So this feature would be good, because I can’t help myself!


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I agree :sparkling_heart:


This would be nice to have.


YES! The available after episode is a great idea! That would be amazing!








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