FEATURE: Ability to change Email ID on Portal


We need this feature where we can change our Email ID on the Portal.
On a rare occassion sometimes accounts are hacked and no one wants to loose all the stories they have written or published. It would be so much easier if we could change our Email in this case.
The portal needs this feature.

FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!
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I think that’s a great idea! However surely the hacker could change the email to their email?


They can. But for security reasons we should be able to change it. Some people use school ids too, which are going to be deactivated at times.


This is a very good idea, like just in case I want to start a group or allow someone to read my coding I can change from my personal email to an episode / author email.


I totally want to see this feature as I am probably wanting to change my email soon as I used one that will probably shut down in a few years.


Yes, it’s a great idea. I want to change my email!!!


yeah, see when I first started writing it did it on my school email, and now I have a few stories published, and each has a lot of reads but the thing is since my email belong to the school cause ist a @schoolname instead of Gmail in afraid that once I get out they might reset or delete the emails since the students no longer need/ use them. and since I don’t want to copy and past all my stories cause no one would want to re-read my story since they know what happens I really need to change the email. so if this could get noticed by an episode that would be great!!


This is one of the reasons I wished they had that option. I even spoke to the support team about this. There is absolutely no way to change it as of yet.



Caps. Lock. Rule.



This would be amazing.


This would literally be the best thing. I’ve been using my school account, and because I’m about to graduate, and going to lose the email account… I’m going to lose everything I’ve done on the app…




SUPPORT! Like I’m not even using my email…I’m using my dad’s…I mean one day, I’d like to create my own email, you know… :roll_eyes:




100% support!!


I have my story already published. And so many other stories with characters created and a little bit of the script typed. Copy pasting isn’t hard. But creating characters and outfits is. It takes a lot of time. I spend few hours just creating background characters because a certain scene needs them to look a certain way and in certain clothing too. I have two published stories one which is discontinued and a few good amount of followers too. But the account linked to my episode isn’t what I am worried about. I need to be able to change the portal email because when I started writing I never thought of keeping ot separate. Though this forum is linked to my episode email the portal is linked to my personal and I get a lot of other mails there. I wish they come up with a solution.


I’d also like to add another reason why I support this, is I have over 300 backgrounds uploaded, and would you know, like to keep them hahah


this is also a bump


Definitely all the backgrounds and overlays! I wouldn’t want to reupload them all over again for approval.


I don’t know if anybody on the forums heard about Anneka Moon getting hacked last month? Well, the Episode Team managed to transfer her data across to her new email. I know it was a bit hard, and probably a one-time-only-because-she-has-lots-of-reads… but it’s possible.