FEATURE: Ability to change Email ID on Portal


I had no idea about this!


I am currently trying to change my email address as well, but I cannot change it. I think this feature would be good. #support!


100% agreed!


Sense you’ve been gonneee, I CAN BREATH FOR THE FIRST TIMMEEE (Bump)


yessss I used my school gmail bc I use my school computer to make episode stories so it didn’t give me a choice to use another gmail


Support, the email I used for episode (school gmail) got disabled and I can’t use the app to proofread my stories anymore and it really sucks!


Oh my god, really?? I just sent a ticket to episode to change my gmail since the one I use for episode is literally disabled and unusable! That’s total bs


I have heard that they have changed it in cases of emergencies for an author but other than that there is no such option.


Okay, phew… I feel like the episode portal website was designed pretty badly as a whole though. Pretty much every website w/ a sign up option lets you delete certain things and change your email, neither of which the episode website has, god knows why


I know. I still don’t know why they won’t give this option and they never tell or explain why it isn’t possible.




Bumping this:smiley:



My email that I use is unusable, it’s full.

You can’t send or receive ANYTHING on it, it sucks.I’d love to be able to change it.

I get worried that I may not be able to do things with it anymore and that scares me so much!!!


I want to change my email but i don’t know how


You can’t do it at the moment. Which is why we want this feature to be added. It’s a like a request post.


yes bump plz k thanks


I agree . I really want to change my email .


Bumping this


Yet another must-have feature right there. You have my support :raised_hands:t2:


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