FEATURE: Ability to Remove Beta Readers, Make Sharing Beta Stories More Secure

We always share our beta stories with reviewers and friends. However, I think sometimes we want to remove beta readers since we don’t want anyone snooping in to read our stories without permission when it’s not yet released. Not sure if this feature suggestion was brought up? Couldn’t find it and I’ve been thinking about this for quite a long time.

Also, I do feel that the link to sharing your beta stories is very insecure. Anyone with the link could just spread it around. Is there a safer way to add beta readers, perhaps through usernames and episode accounts? We definitely don’t want our hard work wasted when someone could literally allow (by spreading the link) people to read your unpublished chapters! It will definitely be easier to control who can read your story as well!

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I like the idea about being able to add/remove names for beta read. The link system we have today is too free and easy to missuse.
Atleast the link address should be unique for each share and only last for a short time each time, like a week from that at someone has logged onto it, then expire.


Yeah, that’s what I feel too!

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I do feel that the beta-reading is definitely not secure.
These ideas should be added as options:

  • Remove, block and add beta-readers
  • A long lasting link, for unpublished stories and published ones (The link we currently have)
  • A short link that is only available a week then expires and changes again

I ran across someone who actually put a lock on ther episodes like last year, but o don’t remember who it was. I know you had to have a password to continue though? Is that what you mean?


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