FEATURE: Accented Letters



I would love for Episode to allow accented letters in scripts.

As of now, accented letters are automatically deleted or converted to non-accented letters in scripts. However, accented letters can be used in type-in entries and show up perfectly in dialog and narrator boxes in the app. Permitting accented letters would thus appear to take minimal restructuring. Starting with allowing diacritics that do not produce new letters, and then expanding the # of characters over time could be quite useful.

And having accented letters would be especially useful for those writing in non-English languages such as Spanish, French, Việtnamese, or Igbo. All aforementioned languages have words that comprise the same letters but mean different things depending on accent placement. Even in English stories, certain characters communicate in languages that use diacritics and authors are currently unable to fully capture these lines of communication.

Anyways, that’s my spiel - please bump to support <3

FEATURE: Accents!
FEATURE: Language symbols
FEATURE: Language symbols
FEATURE: Accents!
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As a person whose first language is Spanish, I 100% support!!

Although in my case, the accented letters aren’t converted to non-accented letters, they just disappear altogether (in the preview).






Definitely support! I use Spanish in my stories and it would be very useful if we had accents.




Oh, I’m so sorry! :sweat_smile:


YAS SUPPORTING THIS! I agree so well…


Totally agree with this since this app is a worldwide app :grin:


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Yesss I’m Brazilian, and I’d love to write a story with my first language! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


SUPPORT! Bump! YAS as someone with an accent in my name I totally want/support this!


Support! I need this <3


Support : )




supportive bump


Bump :sparkling_heart: :dizzy:


It’s super annoying when writing languages in Spanish without those accents


Support :heart:


Support. Currently working on a story that has some scenes where the characters speak Spanish, and I can’t add accented letters. I would love for this to get implemented.