FEATURE: Accents!

My first story on Episode, which I actually started writing a few years ago, was supposed to be in Portuguese (my first language), but I noticed that the accents (^, ~, ´, `, etc.) and letters (ç, for example) weren’t shown in the app, which meant my plan had failed. :joy::confused::woman_facepalming:
Episode is getting more and more recognition, day by day, which means that people from all around the world would use it and consequently, maybe even get interested in writing, and sometimes they can’t because they’re unable to write in English, or their grammar isn’t good enough (which was my case back then). The addition of the accents and different letters could rise the number of authors and reads on Episode, because more people around the world would be able to read/write on it. This would be great for the users, and of course, to Episode. It would be nice to be able to write our stories in our own languages, wouldn’t it? :blush:


there is already a thread for this here: FEATURE: Accented Letters

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Oh, it’ true. My bad :confused::woman_facepalming:

its okay :slight_smile:

Duplicate topic closed. Original topic here.

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