FEATURE: Acoustic Guitar


Hello, Episodians!

I researched the forums for a previous post such as this, but could not find one. So… I would really like to see an acoustic guitar as an instrument option for character’s to play. I would like to see this in Ink & Limelight. Of course, Classic as well if possible. We already have acoustic sounds in the Writer’s Portal, and we have animations such as:

@CHARACTER is play_bass_smooth_loop
@CHARACTER is play_guitar_energetic_loop


With this being said, I’d like to see the acoustic guitar feature with:
@CHARACTER is play_acoustic_smooth_loop

I hope this makes sense… Please :heart: if you support. Thanks!






Bump. :wink:


Support! I would love this :smiley:


SUPPORT! My story (limelight) used to have a scene where the MC was playing the guitar but there was no guitar prop, so I uploaded my own overlay instead. In the end, I couldn’t really make it work so I deleted the scene.I really suggest that Episode release an acoustic and electric guitar prop to go along with the animations. :guitar:






Support :slight_smile: