FEATURE: Add co-author/s


In story settings there should be an option to add co-author/s.
After that every co-author should get confirmation message on their writer portal, to confirm that.

Furthermore I suggest to make it final - only co-author can remove himself from his own writer portal.

If someone is added by mistake, only Episode Support could save this confusion after checking out if that co-author is really added by mistake - so that one author can never remove another.

Co-authors should have access to that story from their own portal.


I’ve been thinking about something like that today :smiley: SUPPORT!:wink:


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I liked it all the way! :100:


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This would be so helpful, especially because when doing collaborations, we must likely have to make a new profile on the app, to be fair with the reads view and the fact that only the one that makes the account has access to the story on the app :thinking: Support!