FEATURE: Add your own music

Hey everyone, I have a good feature suggestion that I’m pretty sure everyone wants. You know how we’re able to put custom overlays and backgrounds? I’m thinking we should be able to add our own music to the portal as well.
As for how to do it, you know how in the portal there’s a link to open the animation catalog? I’m thinking MAYBE episode can partner with Spotify or another music streaming website (or we can link our own in the portal) to where when you click on the link it takes you to that website and you can choose a song and it can be attached to the code and you can be able to choose which part of the song you would like to insert.
The reason I say there should be a link to a diff website is that I personally think that’s way easier than the people working at episode having to individually code every single song there ever created into the portal…which probably isn’t possible.

Does anyone else agree with this idea?


Support! I think this would be really cool! I like your idea about how we could do it


Support! This would be so great for stories with singing! I also think another good way of adding music would be to add our own files like we do withoverlays. Then just wait for episode to approve it!

There is already a thread for adding our own music:

I do like your idea though of Episode looking at partnering with music streaming companies.

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Duplicate closed. Refer to original linked above. :smiley: