FEATURE: addapting the hair and lipstick on the persons who are not the MC


The Mc has mostley a dressing game but the other characters dont then you have to add a script to make them change that takes a lot off time. this would be much easear.
Please support.


Moved to Writer’s Portal as this sounds like a customization feature for the Portal. :wink:


i put it here because on an app you can do it too so i did not really knew were to put it thanks girl xxx


What exactly do you mean? :thinking:


Well the MC has a closet and can change with it most of the time her lips and hair but for the other characters that do not work then you need a code and that code you have to put in every background again or it will disappear in default so it would be nice that together with the outfit we could already addapt the lips and the hair. If you make a character and in defaul she has a black dress with brown shoes you would give her brown lips but in the second outfit you give her a red dress but she still will have the brown lips because she is created like that.


isn’t that the point of having the @CHARACTER changes mouthColor into ___(color name) ?
Like if you had two scenes, one where she changes outfit etc then another with the chosen outfit and lip color,
you could add to the next scene before it changes into it, you add the character then on the next line you add, @CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Scarlet (for instance) then the transition.


Yes for the MC because you can just do one label dressing game for one episode. And that i like to use for my mc not for the others.


you can use the code for any character. im so confused on what you mean if not this :laughing:


Sorry that i am dutch…:smiley:


No no, your English and grammar is fine. I just don’t understand your problem :smile:
In private message, send me your script where the problem is happening and try to describe the issue properly, if that’s not too much for you.


i don’t have a scrip problem i just find it annoying that you have to copy and past it every new scene and if you have a lot of people…


Oh! try using the gain choices!


What is that?


Read through the replies to this post and hopefully it should help. If not then I don’t know how to help, sorry.



Thanks girl xxx


no problem, hope it helps. <3


No it is even more difficult you have to create a duplicate of your character. But thanks anysway.


A dressing game can be used for any character! Also, an episode can have more than one dressing game-you just need to change the labels and gotos. Also, there’s a trick you can use to change the MC’s name into other’s character’s name= Highlight “MC” in your script, then Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard (Cmd + F for Macs). When you do this, a small grey box will pop up, and you need to click on ALL first! After you do this, you type in a character’s name in all caps-so if you decide to write the name ELLA in this box, then MC becomes ELLA.

(Just a cool changing name trick I learned from the wonderful @ Dara.Amarie )

Good luck with everything! :heart: