FEATURE: ads instead of gem choices



So there’s a huge commotion going around about people not wanting to spend money on gems so I’ve came up with the idea of replacing gems with ads, so like on Youtube there’s ads playing throughout videos so maybe episode could have that and when you get to a certain amount of ad clicks then you are able to enable writer payments. This will help both episode and the authors because episode will be getting paid for sponsoring the ads and authors will get paid after they get a certin amount of ad clicks and us readers won’t be losing any money.
Feel free to LIKE this if you support this idea.
Comment your thoughts below. All comments are welcomed!

Would you guys rather have ads instead of gem choices?
Would you guys rather have ads instead of gem choices?



woohoo! :smiley:


I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (for eternity)


No ads please :weary: :scream: I pay for ads free for that exact reason - I don’t wanna watch them :scream:

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Well then that’s when Episode would implement a Episode Ad free trial where you’re able to not watch ads for a month as a FRE TRIAL , and if you like that then they can create a subscriptions list on free ads for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12, where you have to pay a certain amount of money per month.
Ex: you get the 3 month trial for 12.99
so it would be 12.99x3 ,
what about that ? :slight_smile:


That would be to much to pay at once :astonished:


You wouldn’t pay it up front, it would be renewed each month xD







Would you guys rather have ads instead of gem choices?





This is such a good idea!!! Support!!


This is genius!
Gem choices are a bore, you’re forced to pay to choose the option you want or to read other featured stories only for their gems. It’s a waste of passes and time. This would be SOO much better! Totally support this! :heart::heart::heart:






This is a wonderful idea! Not all people have can spend lie 12.99 on ad free choices. Ads are a good way and benefit episode and the reader itself, instead of implementing gem choices for readers (to some reader’s dissatisfaction.)


Genius! Lol


Omg! Genius. Support!