FEATURE: ads instead of gem choices



Moved to Mobile App since this sounds like an app feature. :wink:


Big and fat SUPPORT!!


If I had the option to watch an ad instead of pay gems, I would always rather watch an ad.


Or maybe an option in the “buy gems” section that’ll allow us to watch a number of ads per day (5, 10, don’t know) in order to gain gems


I change my choice. The gems are usually based on the featured stories and I don’t really like them, but!
Unlike gems, which only a few non-featured authors test, ads are everywhere. Yes, I would like a few gems here and there for some beta-test gem stories, but you don’t need gems to enjoy the story and it doesn’t matter in the end (unless gems are a way to get to the good ending). :wink: I still support this, though.


I actually disagree.

If every gem choice was only to watch an ad, I feel like it would be too powerful.

Also, gems are a way of income for the Episode Team (besides downloads), so they would lose some money. Gem choices also aren’t that important to the story, they do not change a final ending.


Bump! I support all the way!


SUPPORT :fairy:t4: :revolving_hearts: