[FEATURE] Allow authors to have automatically approved overlays after a certain point

I guess that could be an issue…


If not just automatically allowing authors with a certain amount of reads to approve their own art, then maybe they could put something in place to make it go a little faster

I 100% understand that episode has hundreds of thousands of authors all trying to get their BGs and overlays approved, but maybe they could find a better way to manage it, not that I exactly know what their process is now but…:woman_shrugging:


Give your support :heart:

I don’t know any better way to solve this :weary:


YES. GURL. I might not have even published a story yet but this idea is FIRE. I hope the Episode team sees this~!


I don’t support. It’s a good idea BUT… Ok, first of all it’d be a problem because I feel like popular authors could use this as an opportunity to upload 18+ (or 18+ stuff- LIKE REALLY INAPPROPRIATE STUFF) (I feel like some popular authors- not all, would want to do this)
Also like @ZADDY said, it’s a copyright issue.

The episode team is hard at work, and yes, I think there needs to be more staff just dedicated to making sure overlays and backgrounds are getting through, but if this feature became a thing, inappropriate and copyrighted backgrounds would be out for weeks before the episode team sees it, but the author would already be in trouble if they put it in their story because 1. people would see that their background is copyrighted… A lot of people because they are “popular” authors… same goes for my other point.


they should at least shorten the wait though! it takes like 10 years for one overlay to be accepted!


SUPPORT :smile:

episode has a review team for a reason. they have a potential to get sued if they used copyrighted images- and they would’ve never gotten into a lawsuit or something if someone reviewed that background/overlay


I totally SUPPORT this, episode is kind of having issues on approving backgounds,maybe they’re focusing on something else and they don’t have so much time on approving, i see a lot of people still waiting for their backgrounds, i’m sorry for you all :sweat:

yeah i get that part but it takes too long. and especially if you’re trying to enter for a contest

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yea even if it was reviewed later what would happen if it gets disapprove but the author already published?

bump !


Not everyone knows which overlays aren’t copyrighted, or which “free” backgrounds aren’t. I feel like there might be a case where the episode team doesn’t get to approve the backgrounds, or just doesn’t see them, and because of this Episode ends up getting sued… It’s just too big of a risk to do this.

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where do i sign??


I rarely use uploaded BGs and Overlays, but I think we all know the reason why.

Well… I am not sure whether to support or not but I thought of the otherways sometimes when I tried to use backgrounds and overlays… my thought is that why can’t the authors/artist have a separate section where we can save the overlays and background where all the episodians can access it!! For instance, now we have two options 1. Epi backgrounds and overlays 2. Uploaded backgrounds and overlays … why cant we have third option like user backgrounds and overlays… I mean once the author/artist upload in it and if willing to share those backgrounds and overlays they can seek help from episode team and add it to the shared section with their specified credit names, which might be reviewed by the episode team and once its approved it will be published in epi section for the use of all and that can be auto credited … so that each time the same background or overlay need not be reviewed and approved by different accounts… ofcourse those who do notbwant to share their backgrounds or overlays they do not need to do this but whoever willing to share can be helpful!!
I felt in this way we can share our backgrounds and overlays and also avoid copy right issues… mainly we might not in need of waiting for the backgrounds and overlays to be approved…
I also know It looks easier to say than done but It would be very usefull if done because in such huge community users will be benefited and would be happy :heart_eyes:
Not sure if anybody agree on my thoughts but This thing comes to my mind whenever I tried to use other backgrounds and overlays and I just thought to share it now…


this i really do support

This would be really bad, plus they are uploading way faster now.

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