FEATURE: Allow us to co-own topics


Idk if this is in the right category, but whatever.

Have you ever wanted to co-own an art thread or RP thread, but only one person can actually edit it? Well if we are allowed to co-own, then that’s not a problem.

We could have it where the owner of the thread can invite somebody to co-own ( take a shot every time I say co-own. of water. STAY HYDRATED ) the thread.

I honestly had no idea how to format this, but if you want this feature, like this post!!!


I support!!!





I think you should call it:
FEATURE: Allow us to co-own topics

And I think posting it in this category would fit it better:

Otherwise, SUPPORT! :blush::smile::facepunch:


Moved to Site Feedback. Also, make sure you check out our Feature Request Guidelines to format the title properly for a feature request. :smiley:




Support!! ( wasn’t I the one who suggested this to you? Lol )


@Sydney_H I have already suggested it here

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Duplicate closed. Refer to original linked by Episode.Cameronwrite above. :smiley:

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