FEATURE: Allow us to layer tattoos, freckles, scars, and etc

Whenever I make a character with any sort of body modifications I run into the same problem of it not wanting to layer… I believe we SHOULD be able to have a character with freckles and a face piercing at the same time with no issues, same with any of them. It’s annoying especially when I want my character to have an upper arm tattoo and a chest tattoo as well that isn’t the tribal one. I think this is something the whole community would appreciate as it would create more opportunities for more unique characters.



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Support !!

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support it might be a duplicate thread

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SUPPORT MORE THAN ANYTHING OMG!!! I’ve been thinking about this! I want my character to have freckles and a nose piercing at the same time so bad!



Duplicate closed. Refer to original: FEATURE: Using more features at once on a character