FEATURE: Animals


I think animals feature would be really useful! Using overlays are boring and they can’t move. I would really appreciate it even if it’s just dogs or cats. Animations like barking, wagging tails, purring, etc would already be very nice!

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Feature - animals
Do you think episode should add animals?
FEATURE: Cat and Dog Characters
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That would be AWESOME!!

It’d also be great to have kid characters. The shrunken adults just look wrong.


Yes, I agree overlays don’t do the trick we need animals…


overlays do move fyi


haha I agree on the shrunken adults


I know they do, but to make them move like naturally, it would mean to move their feet one by one, move the tails, move the mouths, and rotate or move the body… it would take more time and depressing :slightly_smiling_face:






Definitely support this!


A million times yes!!! That would be so cool. I especially am requesting horses because I am doing an episode version of once upon a time and if you’ve watched that show, you know there are so flipping many scenes with horses! It’s crazy :joy::joy:


Yes I’d like to see pets too!




I love that show.


I totally agree. Like then its extra work to spot direct. Its really annoying. Plus how a 3 year old girl gonna have a full grown chest?
It just doesn’t make sense


Support! Common pets like Monkey, dog, cats would be amazing!


right on




This sounds great!