FEATURE: Animals


They could use the setup like The Sims setup. The creator portal is setup very similar to how the old sim’s games were made. All they would need to do is corporate the same setup the have for episode character’s for animals. They would need to use various facial structures. Different fur shapes and patterns.


Wow so many details but I really like the idea!


You can turn gifs into overlays and make quite an amazing scene with it, but that would be such extensive work. We need animals.


This sound cool and innovative. I really going to support it


Support, add more information to what is here. Like @Greebabubba said we need to get the art team to see that people want this!


Support! :+1: :grin:




I feel like the horses (on Positively Princess) are already a huge step towards the right direction! Hope they release those features for the public soon!




what ? if you dont support just leave


i think this feature would be better


Major SUPPORT! I need my cute fluffy dogs. :cry:




That would be so cool! I have. I have a ton of diff poses for my cats and dogs :))


I’d love to have animals in the stories, its so much believable. Almost everyone has an pet!


Bumping this. :raising_hand_woman:t2:


YES!! Especially for a different story that I had wanted to transfer to Episode, but couldn’t because there were no dogs (the dog is kinda important to the story) :laughing::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::grin::grin::pray::pray:






I am TOTALLY up for this idea. It would be great if it could have accompanying actions, as well, like walking a dog or petting a cat, etc.!