FEATURE: Animals




They have a petting animation.


I agree! Not a lot of stories have pets in them because they look static and don’t blend with the Episode style as overlays. Having this would definitely increase the complexity of the stories.


The Official Episode story Positively Princess has this feature where the horses move… I think this will be a brand new update on Episode…


I agree we really need them!


I hope so!!! And if the horses move/blink, maybe we even get cats and dogs that move, blink and do some animations!!! Ah, I’m in need of furry friends for some stories of mine


It would be great to have pets now! Limelight, please. I know we have dogs, cats, and bunnies as accessories but it would be nice to have them, like characters, maybe like overlays, to be able to interact with them. Dogs, cats, and horses at most would be awesome!


As much as I support this, it is in the wrong section and is a duplicate topic
Here is the main topic FEATURE: Animals
And here is the feature request guidelines so that next time you can put it in the right section :wink:


Bump :heart:


I never even though of that. Hopefully they add it in, I definitely support. :heart::heart::heart: