FEATURE: Archive Section For Closed Topics

Hey, so when you go to Messages, you can select messages to archive, meaning they will not be in your inbox anymore. This is a great way to clean up your messaging system, but when you go through your topics, all the closed topics and the active ones are mixed. So, I’m suggesting there should be an archive section for the closed topics, where you can select for them to go, and that way, all of your active topics will be visible to you, without closed ones in the mix. Hope it makes sense what I’m saying and like this thread to show support :blue_heart:


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After 30 days of inactivity all topics get auto closed and archived. Threads that have been closed also get archived after 30 days.

With that being said, can you elaborate a bit more on your request? Because with every single thread being already archived I’m having a difficult time understanding your request. Thanks!

When you go to messages, there’s an option to select some of them and put them into an “archive” section. When you do this, those messages don’t appear in your inbox anymore. So you only see the messages that you want to see (usually, active ones). That’s what I’m suggesting with closed topics, we should be able to move them to a folder that says “archive” just like messages so they don’t show up in our list of topics. This would cut down on how many topics are visible to us when we go to check out all our topics.

Ah ok i get it now. Never seen this on forums before. Added to the list :slight_smile:. Thanks!

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