FEATURE: Archiving Stories

Everyone…I mean EVERYONE has their ‘cringey’ stories roaming around episode…what if you don’t want to make a new account in order to start fresh…? I’m not saying you should delete them because once something is deleted, you can’t find it again (for revamping or whatever). But if we have an archive feature, they won’t be gone forever but just out of the public eye uno…? :woman_shrugging:

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Honestly, I would love an unpublish button :unamused:

It’s saying I published 9 stories (6 mistakes) and 3 decent ones :cold_sweat:

At least I got 6 of them removed from the app by sending in a support ticket thanks to @Annieways who told me and others about this, so that’s good :grin:

But it still says I published 9, argh!!!

Also, we need a better system to organize stories on the Writer’s Portal-there should be a junk section for stories we don’t need anymore however we can remove them from the junk section into active stories we’re working if we ever decide to re-publish them.

Can check out these threads: FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories! and FEATURE: Delete Tutorials On Portal (or move them)


I’m glad I could help a bit :slightly_smiling_face:

@_hxxd, that’s right, you are able to get your story removed from the app by sending in a support ticket. Episode also told me I could restore it anytime since it will stay on the Writer’s Portal.
However my removed story currently “violates TOS” on the portal, so I guess it can be done by submitting another ticket :smiley:


oh, i had no idea about that…thanks for the help

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I was wondering what would happen if someone archives their stories? Would it be possible later on to un-archive it? I can’t see any information about it :sweat_smile: