FEATURE: Ask Forumers for Shelf Suggestions


What would you like to see on this shelf?

At this point in time, only people who have instagram get asked this question.

I’d really love it if the forum community would also get a chance to comment their story suggestions for the shelves too.

Please like and support :blush:

How do you get chosen for a shelf?
In the Works: A Shelf About Characters With Totally Different Personalities!
In the Works: A Shelf For Sports and Games!
In the Works: A Shelf About Big Mistakes and Plans Gone Wrong
In The Works: A Shelf About Bad Girls
Shelf Suggestions

I agree with this and support it! Especially because not everyone uses social media for multiple reasons. Plus there’s a lot of people here, too.


Thank you :grin: And yeah, so true.


It worked y’all




Bump, since I noticed the Hot Pursuit recommendations was only on instagram


Bump. I won’t let this thread be inactive for 30 days before people on the forum get a word in every shelf recommendation, not just the Thriller one!


Aww thank you :blush:


No problem :wink: such a great idea deserves all the support it can get.^^


Suport! Why are the Instagram users getting special treatment?


Thanks Lovie :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Hey Amberrose,

What if you made a thread asking the forumers, maybe the episode shelve creators will see it? (Like when they ask on the creators instagram, you know the theme and make a thread on the forums asking the same thing.)


Hmmm… I suppose I could always pinch the photo they usually upload on IG, post it here and see what happens :woman_shrugging: TBH I never thought to do it myself since SydneyH made a thread for it almost immediately after I made this thread, so I sort of thought it would just continue (unless all the forum recommendations were so bad they decided to stop asking us :flushed:)


I think you should go for it :1st_place_medal:


I was thinking about a bump


poke poke poke poke poke poke

They posted a new suggestion on their insta

yell whisper dooo it dooo it


Oooh, thanks for telling me!

The one problem with this was that I don’t have insta so I never know when they do post HAHA




Bump :innocent:

You would think this would be easy to add onto the Forums, hmm… :thinking: