FEATURE: Ask Forumers for Shelf Suggestions


Hey Amberrose,

What if you made a thread asking the forumers, maybe the episode shelve creators will see it? (Like when they ask on the creators instagram, you know the theme and make a thread on the forums asking the same thing.)


Hmmm… I suppose I could always pinch the photo they usually upload on IG, post it here and see what happens :woman_shrugging: TBH I never thought to do it myself since SydneyH made a thread for it almost immediately after I made this thread, so I sort of thought it would just continue (unless all the forum recommendations were so bad they decided to stop asking us :flushed:)


I think you should go for it :1st_place_medal:


I was thinking about a bump


poke poke poke poke poke poke

They posted a new suggestion on their insta

yell whisper dooo it dooo it


Oooh, thanks for telling me!

The one problem with this was that I don’t have insta so I never know when they do post HAHA




Bump :innocent:

You would think this would be easy to add onto the Forums, hmm… :thinking:


And it was… ONCE! Now I’m doing it :sweat_smile: And I don’t even have instagram and I’m still making it work


@amberose to the rescue :partying_face:

YOU ARE A HERO! :sparkling_heart:


Not all heroes wear capes :tipping_hand_woman:


BUMP! Will they listen to a reasonable request for once?!


This hasn’t been bumped in a while… I guess because I took it upon myself :woman_shrugging: But I’d still want this to become an official ‘thing’ instead of an Amberose ‘thing’


they need a shelf for newly published stories and those stories each get a month on that shelf before they are added to the genres


Good idea. I agree that the “new stories” section is far too small and doesn’t show enough “newly published” stories. You should make a feature suggestion for that :slightly_smiling_face:


where do i do that?


Make a new topic and put it in the mobile app features section in the feature and art suggestions tab and just say what you want it to be like. Read this too: Feature Request Guidelines


i did it


Every community member as well as player of Episode has every opportunity to leave feedback on what they would like to see on shelves on the many avenues that Episode provides (forums, social media, trouble tickets, etc). Simply create a thread about it on the forums or post about it on IG/Facebook/Twitter. No need for this thread as there are already plenty of places to express your opinions and wants. Thanks all.

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