FEATURE: auto release for stories

As a independent author and a author in a writing group. It would be great to have a option to set stories and episodes on auto release.

These features could include:
-Set dates and time for release for individual episodes
-Create group portals for authors to upload their stories in one spot that are in a writing group to be released at same time.
-Have a shared portal that is connected to your main portal for shared writing of a story. (You get no access to the other persons main portal but rather in your portal you click a link to the story you are sharing if that makes sense.)

These are just a few ideas that I think would be handy especially those who write in groups, have a busy schedule to release or have a co-writing partner.


Nice I also believe that’ll be really great :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


B u m p

I agree.

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S u p p o r t

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I Support This!

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Support! This would be so helpful