FEATURE: Auto-Save

Hi guys!

I think the writer’s portal should have auto-save because you know, some people might forget to save and it would just be a handy tool.

However, I also think if we do get this feature, it should have a toggle because some people prefer to save on their own, and sometimes I make mistakes and reload the page to get my old script back.

Anyway, if you support, please tell me and maybe even like it so Episode could see?

Thanks :smile:

Anisha xox


I definitely support. The amount of times I’ve forgotten to save… :frowning:

But I do also reload my webpage a lot if I make a big mistake. :thinking:


Haha, same. I literally just reloaded my page to get the old script back, lol! :joy:

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I would love this feature. Let’s hope the team at Episode notices your brilliant idea!

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Aww, thank you! xox

I also agree! It should be like google docs which should not be a problem since Episode trusts google docs to help people who need a guide.

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Yepppp :joy:

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Thank you, :slight_smile:

bump ~

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five days no bump >_<

grrr, I low key lost like 200 lines because I controlled back space. rip




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I believe this was Implemented on May 11th

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No, auto-save means it’s saves automatically so you don’t have to click the save button, it auto saves.

ah my bad. Thank you for clearing that up.

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This has it’s pros and cons.
Pros: If your internet goes out, then it will be saved until the part it goes out (or whenever it saves, because I often go a long distance of time without saving.)

Cons: There may be a scene you want to regenerate, and since it’s saved it will be hard to get back. IF there is the “see the previous changes” thing (not sure what’s it’s called) from Google Docs where we can easily go back, or get out scripts from there and it comes into Episode, than this would be much more efficient.

Buuuuuuuuut, when it comes to me, I would very well like this idea. ESPECIALLY since when I need to leave or go somewhere away from my computer and I’m waiting for the episode to save so I can close the tab.


haha, thanks. there are a lot of cons, yeah.

I just controlled back spaced again . . . haufeisfjweifjeurf

I need this :frowning:


Totally support. I accidentally pressed backspace and lost an hours worth of work. :scream: :cold_sweat:


Omg nook