FEATURE: Auto-Save




Ugh, it was awful! :sweat_smile: The scene is a bit different now, but at least it didn’t take me too long to recreate. Still! :triumph:


Thia would be so helpful! SUPPORT AND BUMP :heart:



I find it relatively easy when writing because I can just keep type-typing and quickly press the ctrl+s button and have it saves and continue to type, but sometimes you can forget so support! :heart:


Auto Save = Auto Bump ?




I definitely support this! Sometimes I’ve written a lot which I’m proud of and then I accidentally go back. It’s really frustrating, especially if you want to publish in an hour or so! Auto-Save would be a major live-saver then! although I do agree on with you on going back because of a mistake. So having a toggle might also save a few lives. Maybe it would be another good idea to put a choice on to make sure that the writer wants to go back, though that only works in some cases… :sparkling_heart::+1:


please… support. i was casually writing and wrote over 100 lines than my laptop freezes and looses all my hard work… smh. but i made it better ig…


Support! Definitely with the toggle feature. There’s the “See All Previous Revisions” link on the bottom left of the portal. I’ve had to use that before when I saved by accident. And then there’s always CTRL + Z for undo. That’s one of my best friends. It works even after you save until you exit the episode you’re working on.



I forgot about this



rip bump ~


I support 100000%. I literally just wrote 600 lines give or take and my internet decided to just shut down! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



I’m tired of Ctrl+S’ing every time I type something :sleepy: