FEATURE: Automated Outfit Creator


It’s amazing that we have an Automated Character Creation but wouldn’t it also be awesome if we had an Automated Outfit Creator where we write something like @YOU changes into outfit_01 and if it doesn’t exist, the Automated Outfit Creator pops up and it is created just like characters are on an Automated Character Creator. Good idea?

On a side note, we get to use backgrounds for all our stories so wouldn’t be great if we could use background characters for our stories without having to create all of them separately for each of our stories?

What do you think?

Help with outfit choices

Amen !


Like a randomizer like when you’re making a sim or something. I like the idea


Thank you and also a big thanks to @Mary-P for showing support :sparkling_heart:


Always <3


That would be cool :blush: but shouldn’t you name this thread something like this:

FEATURE: Automated outfit creator

So it won’t get closed?

FEATURE: A Larger Text Area For Writing Fanmail

Hi, thank you, I just added it in <3
You are very helpful! :sparkling_heart:


You’re welcome :grin:


Here is a :pizza: in thanks for your help.
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This would be cool if it was part of Episode : )


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I would suggest posting what you’re having problems with in your story in directing helps and tips, or another category depending on what you need help with :sweat_smile: