FEATURE: Automatically Show Character in Underwear While Dressing

Does it bother anyone else that you can just literally have an outfit which includes an accessory (like earring, necklace, tattoo, bag) and nothing else? PS: If you haven’t figured it out already you get a naked character :grimacing:

That’s why I think Episode should make it so that all characters who don’t have a top/bottom/dress will automatically be dressed in underwear. Since this may get in the way of certain clothes, such as swimwear, the underwear will be taken off as long as the character has some sort of top/bottom/dress. (Males will require just bottoms, while females require both top & bottom, any male or female that is a silhouette won’t need anything.) I know that their bodies are made less realistic than they should be, so that they don’t completely seem to be naked, but… I still think this would be a feature we need.


The big problem with that. Using the silhouette feature, the character can’t be wearing any clothes or it won’t work. The characters in the portal are no different than Barbie dolls. They aren’t anatomically correct, so… Obviously, Episode already tries to censor saving ‘nude’ characters and requires something on the character before an outfit can be saved (even if it’s just a censor bar), and I know I personally, use a mole. But having it default to having to have underwear ruins the silhouette/shadow feature.


Oh… I guess if the character is a silhouette it isn’t required… I’ll edit that