FEATURE: Autoplay


Hi! ^^

I’m not sure about others, but I think an Autoplay function would be nice as well! You could go to the options and click “Autoplay”, then the story would progress through automatically (except for choices) at a nice pace, or at an adjustable rate. Once you manually click to progress, it should stop autoplaying though. I like to read while working out and thought it would be great, haha. :blush:


Hi! Your suggestion about rewinding the story actually already has a request thread here! If you could edit your post to remove that suggestion that would be much appreciated :slight_smile: Cheers! :v:t2:


Sure! I’ve edited my post to just include the autoplay suggestion. :blush: Thanks, @Ryan!


def support


definetly! i like playing Episode while i’m working out or doing busy work but i constantly have to keep tapping and that sucks.