FEATURE: Avatar Outfits On The App

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So, this is pretty short (not anymore) but haven’t you guys seen those outfits that some people have but when you go to edit your avatar they aren’t there? Is that an update or do you have to do something? Because a lot of the people that had the ‘locked’ (or unreleased I don’t know what to call it) had a lot of followers (700 and over) but then I saw somebody with 375 or so followers and they had an unreleased outfit, I have 646 or something and I still don’t have it. Maybe it’s when you buy a gem choice from one of the featured stories (I haven’t read them in a while they get quite boring when you have to pay just to have a good storyline)
Side Note: The outfits are cute and they’re not even on the portal, so maybe we’ll get those in the future, or not because the overalls still aren’t on the portal and they’ve been here since 2017 I think. Can somebody please tell me what’s going on

After looking at it maybe it’s the background?? Idk


I don’t know but I never saw those outfits either :rofl:

There is a feature on Episode’s story “Love on Fire”, where it unlocks the outfits that you have bought (with gems) to your avatar closet. When you are given the option to pay for an exclusive outfit, a green button should pop up at the bottom of your screen that says “This Gem Choice unlocks this outfit”. However, If the green button DOESN’T APPEAR then the gem outfit WILL NOT UNLOCK TO YOUR AVATAR CLOSET. I have heard that this feature is only available for ios devices and I have also heard that this feature doesn’t appear for people even if they have an ios device. I honestly don’t know exactly what determines for you to get this feature. My advice for you is to replay the story and check if the green button appears when they offer you a gem outfit. If it does appear then congratulations you can unlock all the outfits that they offer you in that story to your closet :slightly_smiling_face: !!! PS. as far as I know, this feature is ONLY available on “Love on Fire”. This won’t work on any other featured story. LMK IF THERE IS ANOTHER STORY THAT UNLOCKS GEM OUTFITS INTO YOUR CLOSET BECAUSE I’M NOT 100% SURE THAT THIS IS THE ONLY STORY!


After you purchased the gem outfits, CLICK ON YOUR AVATAR AND PRESS “OUTFITS” ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER!!! All of your bought clothes should be there!!! :arrow_down:


Ohhhh I’m going to try that rn.


Thank you I was really confused :revolving_hearts:

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the good things only work in ios :pensive: :sob: :disappointed:

I still have the outfits from like 2017… no new ones for my avatar :sleepy:

Did it work for you?