FEATURE - Avatar style


I personally think we should choose which style our character appears in. Some dislike Limelight, others like it. Some prefer the old classic style. I think the freedom to choose which style our avatar is in would be a huge step.
What do you guys think?

Ink Profile on episode

I like that. I personally have a story I would love to see in LL


YESSS!!! SUPPORT! :wink:




Support! I think it’s a good idea but will be really complicated. It will probably happen when episode makes a 4th style lol.






As a writer you have already an option to choose the style of your characters.

As a reader? Well readers have limited rights like reading a real book. You can’t decide the language of the written book, unless it is translated.


they dont have to but its just a suggestion if they get the time and are looking for more features to implement .


You know you just Can code it on your computer right?
If you wanna send a Story out you need to actually code it, and before you say all these things check that your sourcese are right and that There is NO OTHER OPTION


@CoraMae @Hannah_minna I completely understand what you’re saying and I agree, but I am referring to the app profile where your stories are listed.


I know that i just Think that If you wanna say it say it to them so There Can happend something about it


lol nvm i read it wrong i thought she meant to choose style for stories but i support this a lot