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I personally think we should choose which style our character appears in. Some dislike Limelight, others like it. Some prefer the old classic style. I think the freedom to choose which style our avatar is in would be a huge step.
What do you guys think?

Ink Profile on episode
Episode, stop forcing us to use a limelight avator

I like that. I personally have a story I would love to see in LL


YESSS!!! SUPPORT! :wink:




Support! I think it’s a good idea but will be really complicated. It will probably happen when episode makes a 4th style lol.






As a writer you have already an option to choose the style of your characters.

As a reader? Well readers have limited rights like reading a real book. You can’t decide the language of the written book, unless it is translated.


they dont have to but its just a suggestion if they get the time and are looking for more features to implement .


You know you just Can code it on your computer right?
If you wanna send a Story out you need to actually code it, and before you say all these things check that your sourcese are right and that There is NO OTHER OPTION


@CoraMae @Hannah_minna I completely understand what you’re saying and I agree, but I am referring to the app profile where your stories are listed.


I know that i just Think that If you wanna say it say it to them so There Can happend something about it


lol nvm i read it wrong i thought she meant to choose style for stories but i support this a lot






It’s in LL:)


They said they were working on a way so people could keep their ink avators. That was now over a year ago. It’s essential I keep mine as it is as it’s Alice, who my company is named after (Aliceproductions.)
When they were introduced, it took me to my avator and there was a limelight one WITHOUT a cancel button. I began to panic, because I didn’t want one, but it seemed I couldn’t exit unless I did. I almost gave up, but then I shut down the app. I can’t help but wonder how many ink authors changed it because they saw no other way to get out of the screen. It asked me (or should I say, try to force me) a few more times and I had to shut down the app more times to avoid it. It stopped, but for ages, I couldn’t even touch my profile without it taking me there (without a cancel button, of course.) so, if I had new notifications, I had to just ignore them.
Finally it stopped, but even now if I want to change clothes of my avator, it takes me to the limelight screen (without a cancel button.)
Here’s what happens when I click the avator button:
Here’s my profile:

Here’s what happens when I click the avator button:
(notice they’re not in ink style)

And here’s what I’m stuck with (note, no cancel button)

So, I can’t even change my avators clothes or face without changing it to a limelight style. I had to forcibly shut down Episode, just to show you that because I can’t exit the profile without clicking done and ruining my avator. No limelight looks even remotely like Alice and she’s very identifiable in my stories. No LL avator would do her justice and would just look like I have a different avator from my logo. I’m sick of this “use limelight or else” attitude
New users can ONLY select a limelight avator. I don’t hate limelight, but there’s room for both. Let us ink writers keep an ink avator. It’s also inappropriate for me as I have no limelight stories published.
The fact they have no cancel button (still) really makes me feel like they’re trying to force Limelight on us.


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