FEATURE: Baby Bump and Maternity for plus for LL

since making a body that has a baby bump Is much more work I suggest making a baby bump you can put on in outfits.(think of it as another piece of clothing )


You might want to write the title as FEATURE: Baby Bump For LL it will make your topic easier to find. Also support 100%!


@starlight4 please update your thread to reflect the needed changes or the team will be forced to close it Thanks! :v:

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That might work! Support!

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please please please bump support!!!

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I kinda used the soft body type to imitate a baby bump. Lol it kinda works. The character is a ballerina with an athletic body. As soon as my readers saw the change in body type they were picking up on the possibility of the character being pregnant lol

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That’s pretty smart!!! :+1:t4: :heart:

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it might be a lot of work but they should really do the body for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester it would bring it to life ,but i support everything

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Very true though. Then you can do a bunch of pregnancy shoots within stories were they do the classic baby bump poses



Duplicate closed. Refer to original: OUTFITS: Different-Sized Baby Bumps