FEATURE: Background Music


I understand why having us add our own music would be a problem as some would abuse the upload and likely try to add copyrighted music, so I’d like to request for Episode to compose more music.

Specifically, quiet/soft background music. Some of the music already available is nice but others are far too dramatic for not as intense scenes. Having complete silence or even the ambient noise just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

So I’d like to request:
*Music that is more classical in style, something that could play during conversations.
*Music that may have more of a fantasy/sci-fi/dreamy feel.
Think simple background music for movies.

Those who agree, please feel free to add your music style requests on this thread.

Sounds & Music On Script

I totally support this! Bumpinggg


Support :+1:t3:

  • more romantic music for romantic stories
  • more scary music for horror stories
  • more disco/dance music for scenes in a nightclub
  • more action music for action stories


Agreed! The current choice of music is great and I appreciate all the new music added over the last year, but there are still just a few sounds available for every mood and they become overused.

There’s never too much sad or happy music, or spooky, or futuristic. And @Anya_R is right that quiet background music isn’t abundant on Episode now. The existing tunes don’t always set the right mood. I’d be happy to see more neoclassic music, soft jazz, or whatever fits a casual scene, both major and minor, to accompany optimistic and not-so-optimistic conversations or scenes without dialogue.

PS: music_teenangst is still not available and there aren’t clarifications or official statements on its status. I’d be grateful if someone could shed some light on this! Maybe the team thinks that people will just forget about it… haha, not until we get an answer! The North remembers.


I support this! The additions to the music library have been great but I still feel like there are missing some “neutral” background music that we could use just for casual conversations where nothing too dramatic is happening.


agreed and support :slight_smile:
many music and sounds on the portal are elctronic sounds that don’t fit very well into normal or soft and quiet scenes.
I’d really appreciate more soft sounds, quiet music playing for not so action filled scenes…
Some wind-howling sound would be great too… ice-breaking/cracking sound… some fast breathing sound :thinking: I’ll add more when I think of others :smiley:


I totally agree! I would love to hear a beautiful ballad using either a piano, harp, or violin/viola score thats suitable for romantic scenes and more. Usually the music can be too enthusiatic, too meloncholy, or just not enough at all for some scenes.


a bittity bump


Yeah, I haven’t seen music_teenagst either, but since I have the recording of the music, I’ll try to send it through a support ticket :blush:


yas bump again


I think they removed it a while ago.


Classy Classical is my LYFE bouz


I’m bumping as we need more music. Especially more neutral music for backgrounds to conversations that aren’t quite so ‘stylised’.
Would be great if you could help us out here Episode, we need more variesty, especially since the ‘music’ is so limited you’re just hearing the same thing in every story. Thanks x


I agree!


I think I’d like to request more creepy/horror music as well.


I just really want music_dangerousdubstep back. That was such a badass song!

  • More sad music for drama stories




I want a quiet, sad tone for the characters’ backstories. Support.


a month GASP